Australian Promissory Notes

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Private promissory notes in small denominations had their hey-day in New South Wales from c.1812-1814 and Tasmania from c.1822-1826. They are generally referred to as “Promissory notes”, but the notes of those times really divide into two general categories. The … Continued

Medals of Robert Barton For Sale

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Medals awarded  to the fourth son of Robert Barton a former Deputy Master of Melbourne Branch of the Royal Mint, are currently up for sale. The group of six medals with death plaque are being offered by John Burridge of … Continued

Miss Sedley Towler

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  While sorting out Minute books on other papers to be forwarded to the South Australian Archives I came across the only known photo of Miss Towler, the numismatist at the Public Library, Museum & Art Gallery of South Australia … Continued

Counterfeit Australian 1928 Shilling

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At the NSSA meeting held on 16 July 2015 a member showed the above counterfeit 1928 shilling. This 1928 shilling is actually a forgery. The type was imported in large numbers by three Chinese merchants into Sydney in the early … Continued

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