The Numismatic Society of South Australia (NSSA) promotes the collecting and the studying of all aspects of coinage and related subjects that come under the headings of numismatics and exonumia (or paranumismatics). Subject areas include Australian, New Zealand and world coins, banknotes, checks, tokens, medallions, decorations (civil and military), badges, share scrip, numismatic publications and reference books, and related paper ephemera.

NSSA publications include an occasional Journal, and a quarterly Newsletter distributed to members. Members also receive a copy of the annual: Journal of the Numismatic Association of Australia.

We meet on the third Thursday of each month (see our meetings page for more information) and visitors are always welcome to attend. Membership of the NSSA is open to individuals.  The NSSA attends several local fairs in South Australia each year and holds regular visits for members to sites of both historical and numismatic significance in and around Adelaide.

Latest News

Crude Australian World War 1 Identity Disk - At the meeting of the Numismatic Society of South Australia held on 16 February 2017 a member showed the above WW1 AIF Identity Disk made from a skimmed Queen Victoria Penny. Holed and engraved on the reverse “2973 E.J. STANLEY … Continued
Australia 1988 $2 Coin Planchet Flaw Error - The following is a presentation given by a member of the Numismatic Society of South Australia at the meeting held on Thursday January 19, 2016. A member showed a 1988 $2 coin which was found by his daughter while noodling … Continued
The Die Cap Coin Error -Some Australian Coin Examples - Above is a coin error known as a ‘bottle cap’. The technical term is a ‘die cap’ because of its impressive shape (not at all coin-like and doesn’t fit neatly into a coin holder). The coin weighs correct for a 5 … Continued
Medal Awarded to Richard Welling at NSSA December 2016 Meeting - At the recent Society (December 15 2016) meeting out-going NSSA President Richard Welling received a medal from in-coming President, Neil Eckermann.  The medal was awarded in appreciation of Richard’s efforts in organising the NSSA Coin, Banknote and Collectables Expo that … Continued
Five SA Dog Registration Discs - The following 5 discs were found by a metal detectorist and were acquired from a member of the public by The Purple Penny at the NSSA Coin Fair held at the Torrens Parade Ground, in December 2016. These were then passed … Continued
Telstra Pre-Decimal Banknote Phonecards - The following is a presentation given by a member of the Numismatic Society of South Australia at the meeting held on Thursday November 17, 2016. In 1991 and 1992 Telecom Finance produced calendars with enlarged images of 26 Australian pre-decimal … Continued
The Missing Link - The following was present by a member of the Society at the meeting held on Thursday 16 July, 2016.   On 3 April 2013 a number of Australian decimal rarities were offered for sale by auction in The Netherlands by … Continued
Souvenir 1950 Dime – Irradiated at Oak Ridge Graphite Reactor - At the meeting of the Society on June 16 2016 a member showed the above coin. Here is a description of the item: Today I am showing a United States 1950 dime (10 cent) encased in an aluminium capsule with … Continued
1944S Florin Struck on a Shilling Planchet - At last night’s monthly meeting a member showed an Australian florin struck in 1944 at the San Francisco Mint. Struck, in fact on a planchet intended for a shilling coin and graded by PCGS at MS63. Noted on the holder … Continued
New Discovery New Zealand Mule 2004 10c With One Dollar Obverse - In the December 2015 journal of the RNSNZ (Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand Inc) collector Jason Gray wrote an article about a new find. We all remember how New Zealand changed to smaller coins in 2006, well collectors have … Continued