JH Deacon Numismatic Valuation Certificate

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A member of the NSSA presented this item at the meeting held on Thursday 21 January 2015.

Issued by the Public Library, Museum, and Art Gallery of South Australia, valued by JH Deacon, Keeper of Coins and Medals. not dated.

Valuation Certificate
Valuation Certificate

Specimen: Germany Brunswick Calenburg, Georg Wilhelm 1648-1705. 1 pfennig 1696. Value 9d.

Notes: While the document is undated it was issued between 1931 and 1940.

Deacon took over from Miss Sedley Towler when she died in 1931 and took over the then described position, the PLMAG ceased in 1940 – each division became an independent body. The numismatic collection was part of the Art Gallery department although housed within the museum building. In 1940 the Numismatic Collection and Deacon physically moved to the Art Gallery building.

Brunswicl-Luneburg-Celle Pfennig

The coin was incorrect described. It would appear that the coin was a copper 1 pfennig (21 mm) of Brunswick-Luneburg-Celle.

The certificate was from the David Carr Collection.