Miss Sedley Towler

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MIss Sedley Towler
Miss Sedley Towler


While sorting out Minute books on other papers to be forwarded to the South Australian Archives I came across the only known photo of Miss Towler, the numismatist at the Public Library, Museum & Art Gallery of South Australia from 1917 to her death in 1931. In 1930 the photo was used in a newspaper article on her work.

Towler took over from Alfred Chitty, who recommended her to the Board and she took on James Hunt Deacon as her understudy. After her death Deacon curated the collection.

A chapter on her activities will appear in the history of the Art Gallery of South Australia, date of publication to be announced.

1917-1931, Numismatist; Public Library Museum & Art Gallery of South Australia.

Numismatic Society of South Australia

June 1926, Foundation member (no 7)

June 1928- July 1929,   President

July 1927- July 1928, Vice President

July 1929- October 1932, Vice President

Australian Numismatic Society

February 1918-October 1931, Honorary Corresponding Member

Numismatic Society of Victoria

February 1917 – October 1931, Honorary Corresponding Member

British Numismatic Society

October 1916-October 1931 Member