Report on the Year 2020 from the Outgoing President

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During the meeting held Thursday 18th March 2021 as new members were appointed to the positions of President, Secretary, Treasurer etc, the outgoing president Kathryn Harris gave a report on the year 2020 and a Presidential Numismatic Address about the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Read the Presidential address on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Let’s recap on 2020 the year that most of us want to forget. It’s the year that we all got to stay at home, purchase new coins online and organise coins we already collected. Perhaps not a bad thing really. This was all to avoid personal interaction, gatherings and the threat of catching or transferring this coronavirus (COVID19) bug.

This has been a challenge for the Society with five of our monthly meetings cancelled and, because of restrictions we re-located to a larger venue for five other meetings in the second half of the year.

We were fortunate to be accommodated in the larger, spacious Armoury Gallery located behind the SA Museum. I’m sure I speak for all when I say this that the venue change was not a big deal for us. The SA Museum have provided the Society with venues since
our inception in 1926. 2021 has seen us move back to our usual Royal Society Room venue we sit tonight.

Over the 7 meetings held in 2020 we averaged 21 members attending. We also welcomed two new members. Although 2021 is just beginning we have also welcomed another three new members this year already.

One of the casualties of 2020 was our annual Coin & Banknote Expo usually held in November. Whist we all held up hope that covid restrictions would ease it was ultimately decided to cancel the event. We hope to pick this up for November 2021 and hope that the Royal Australian Mint are able to attend in support of our Expo this year.

Other disappointments in 2020 was our involvements in the South Australian Philatelic Council’s 2020 Stamp & Postcard shows and SA History Trust’s May History Festival. These were both cancelled in 2020 but have been reinstated for 2021.

During the time we couldn’t hold meetings the Secretary produced an Occasional Newsletter in March, April, May and July. These were included in the quarterly Newsletter,
prepared by Mick Vort-Ronald and distributed by post and emailed in colour to all members and to 30 other associated Societies and organisations.

As we have a significant changing of the guard this month, I have every confidence that the newly appointed president secretary, treasurer and office bearers will lead the society to a successful numismatic future.