2019 NSSA Workshops and Topic List

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This year the society will be holding topical workshops for members and visitors prior to the meetings held on the evenings of the third Thursdays of the month.

Each month a topic has been chosen and a knowledgeable society member will speak in their field of expertise or interest about that topic with questions and discussions welcome. It is hoped that members or visitors can choose topics of interest to them or for which they’d like to learn about.

These workshops are held from 7pm to 7:30pm prior to the meeting commencing at 7:45pm (visitors also welcome). Following the meeting is a chat and supper. Below is a list of these topics and dates. These are subject to change and confirmation should be sought by checking the meeting agenda or contacting secretary@nullsanumismatics.org.au

Date & Time Convenor Topic

21 Feb 7-7.30pm Mick Vort-Ronald Collecting & Storing Australian Banknotes
21 Mar 7-7.30pm Richard Welling Storing & Cleaning Coins
18 Apr 7-7.30pm Barrie Newman Commemorative Coins and Provenance
16 May 7-7.30pm Neil Eckermann Collecting New RAM Releases & Storage
20 Jun 7-7.30pm Peter Fleig Collecting & Displaying Badges
18 Jul 7-7.30pm Kathryn Harris Error Coins & Mistrikes
15 Aug 7-7.30pm David Figg Collecting Other Ephemera Items
19 Sep 7-7.30pm Paul Sobels Early British Medallions
17 Oct 7-7.30pm Helen Buller Coins Commemorating Historic Milestones
21 Nov 7-7.30pm Peter Lane Curating Coins for the Art Gallery/Museums
19 Dec 7-7.30pm Gerry McGinley What a Dealer looks for when Purchasing Coins