2017 NSSA President’s Award

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November’s society meeting was a busy one occurring the evening before Adelaide’s biggest (and single finest) coin show of the year. It was also the Annual General Meeting for the society and the highlight of the evening is the presentation of the annual President’s Award. This year the selected member was absent so alternative arrangements had to be made.

Unbeknown to the recipient it would be awarded during the coin show in the coming days. That recipient is the author today and in hindsight it was funny how the President made excuses citing forgetfulness that the award was not presented at the meeting. I had no clue I was the secret recipient and was very surprised to receive the President’s Award medal along with a $50 cash voucher for my contributions of “show and tell” items throughout the previous year.

Thank you to the Society for awarding me this medal which is a fitting addition to my coin and medal collection. The inscribed medal can be seen below.

NSSA President’s Award 2017